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Appliance Wellness Program

Save Your life and Your Appliances


Protect Your Family From House Fires Today

House Dryers Are the Leading Cause of House Fires


You might not think to clean out your dryer, but it's one of the most important things you can do for your safety and the safety of your family. If you don't clean your dryer, it can start a fire.

$230,000,000.00 in damages are caused each year by house fires.

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Appliance Repair

Your home is your sanctuary. It's where you go when you need to escape from the world and recharge. It's where you cook, where you relax, and where you sleep. But what about all those appliances? Are they running as smoothly as they should be?


We clean out the interior of your dryer as well as your vent duct from all the lint to prevent unnecessary repairs and dryer fires.

We clean the coils on your fridge to remove all the lint and dust for efficient operation.

We clean the guts of your dishwasher to make sure its running smoothly and your dishes are actually get clean.

We make your washing machine run better, last longer, prevent leaks and cost less to run.


Also, we check to make sure the oven and cooktop are calibrated and operating under normal parameters. We even clean out the disposal.

When you have the freedom to do what you want because you can rely on your appliances to work properly, that's a good feeling.

And when you know that the appliances in your home are helping you live better and safer? That's even better.

Talon did a fantastic job taking care of our dryer issues. He was very professional and provided Information about maintaining my appliances. I am very happy That we chose Doc Danielson

Mia, Dallas Texas

Dishwasher Servicing

Experience the Difference

- Upfront  pricing
- Certified professionals
- Professional Workmanship
-Contactless payment available
- Service on your schedule
- Neighborly company

Studies have shown proper care of your appliances, especially routine maintenance, can extend their life and save you the expense of replacing them too soon.
Proper maintenance can increase the life of a major appliance by up to 30% on average, not to mention preventing unnecessary repairs, leaks and fires.

Dryer Maintenance


Oil Wheels for mobility
& breakdown prevention

We remove all the lint locked under the wheels and apply lubrication for increased movement.

Check Rollers and belts for wear and tear

We carry rollers and belts on our trucks in case you need a new ones.

*Add On - (150$ Value)

Clean out the transition hose and dryer vent for increased fire prevention

We have specialized equipment that we professionally clean out the dryer vent with.

Vacuum and wipe inside for fire prevention

We photograph all the lint, vacuum it up, and wipe down the inside of your dryer with a damp cloth.





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