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Doc Danielson Appliance Repair & Care - Appliance Wellness - Preventive Maintenance

Can You Depend on Your Home Appliances?

Your appliances, just like any mechanical equipment, require regular maintenance in order to last longer, work better and cost less to run.  

At Doc Danielson, we want to give you access to professional maintenance that will transform your relationship with your appliances.  We will help you know exactly what is going on with your appliances and give you the best opportunity to help your appliances last problem-free, as long as possible. 

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Nobody wants to worry about the damage and destruction that common household appliances can cause to our homes and our lives. Who wouldn't be worried about dryer fires destroying property and putting lives at risk? Or dishwashers leaking inside the cabinets where you can't see it happening until the floors need to be replaced from water damage?

Safety and peace-of-mind are priceless. Lives and homes are not disposable. Our Appliance Wellness Program helps you reset the clock on your appliances, preventing unnecessary repairs and keeping  them pristine and running like new!

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There's never a convenient time for your appliances to fail. Our amazing Customer Experience Representatives and professional technicians are committed to providing efficient scheduling and technical knowledge to quickly get your home back in working order!

We have over 50 years of honest and reliable experience. We can help restore trust in your home appliances when you choose the hard-earned expertise of Doc Danielson to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

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