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Is A House Fire In Your Future?

House fires are a devastating reality that many of us prefer not to think about. However, ignoring the potential risks can lead to tragic consequences.

  • Did you know that a staggering 92% of all house fires are caused by dryers catching fire? The fire starts within the dryer itself and quickly spreads into the wall, engulfing the entire home in flames.

  • Shockingly, over 70% of dryers currently in homes are at risk of catching fire today due to a buildup of lint and a lack of proper cleaning.

  • Many homeowners are unaware that neglecting to clean out their dryer at least once a year creates a ticking time bomb. 

Don't Wait until its too late to schedule your dryer maintenance and protect the people you love! And Save $20 today! 

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What Our Clients Say About Dryer Maintenance!

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