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Terms & Conditions for your House Call.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to service your appliance!


Replying to the text or email with the word CONFIRM as confirmation that the time and date specified in the text or email will work for you holds you to these terms and conditions with Doc Danielson Appliance Repair & Care known in this document as "We" or "we": 


1) Without confirmation your appointment will be canceled.


2) The system will send a text to you when the technician is on his way to your home, please be sure to reply to that text, so that we know you're there. If you need to reschedule, we request you call, text, or email us as soon as you know and we prefer at least 12 hours in advance.


3) Once your technician selects "On the way" and the system texts you, you are responsible for our standard Minimum Service Call Fee of $125 if no one over the age of 18 is at the home to receive the tech or you cancel after the text has been sent. We will have the technician wait for you if you are within 15 minutes of arriving at your home, however the technician's time starts when he arrives on site. This cancellation fee applies even if you are on our Appliance Wellness Program.


4) $125 is our current Minimum Service Call Fee, always covers your first 30 mins, then our labor is $37.50 per 15 minutes, The vast majority of our repairs cost between $125-$325 plus parts, although this is not always the case and pricing will be discussed prior to charging. For each additional appliance, we charge a minimum of $75 which covers 30 minutes and then our labor is $37.50 per 15 minutes thereafter.***If you are part of our Appliance Wellness Program the diagnostic and labor is capped at no more than 2 minimum service calls at $99 per trip. If you are a Platinum member of our Appliance Wellness Program, the diagnostic and labor will be waived on any repair we perform. (Installs are not included and we do not offer major repairs as defined by over 1 hour to diagnose or a total of 2 hours to diagnose and repair).  The discounting has been upgraded and is valid as of 02/018/2024.


5) We will install a client provided part for a flat $200 which will cover 1 hour of labor. There are no warranties, stated or implied other than we installed the part correctly. We will not diagnose the appliance issue for this price. If diagnosis is needed, time and normal fee structure start at that time. The Appliance Wellness Preferred Pricing does not apply to client provided parts with the exception of OEM filters.


6) Sometimes an appliance will not display the symptoms that a client has experienced. In this case the time paid for will have a 30 day warranty and will not be charged for us to come back out and "re-diagnose" the issue.


7) A 3.5% convenience fee will be applied on final total on all credit card/debit card uses. Checks, Zelle, or cash will receive a cash discount and not be charged a 3.5% convenience fee.


8) Please be informed that if the appliance is disassembled or has been tampered with when the tech arrives, the technician will not work on your appliance and you will be responsible for Minimum Service fee.


9) Please be informed that if we are hired to perform an installation of an appliance for you and if the appliance can NOT be installed at the time of service for ANY reason, the appointment will then turn into a consultation and the charges are $125.00 for the first 30 min. As of 02/05/2024 we are no longer performing appliance installs with the exception of disposals.


10) We stand behind all of our services and repairs with a 90 day labor and parts warranty that is available to all clients with some exceptions. Those exceptions are not limited to, but include: Used parts, Parts purchased by clients for us to install, Circumstances that include when an appliance will not display the symptoms for which we were contracted. All fees and charges are final, we uphold a strict no refund policy. 

11) We do not perform major repairs as defined by: More than 1 hour to diagnose, more than 2 hours to diagnose and repair.


12) I authorize Doc Danielson to retain and use internally my data to provide communications, services, products, and marketing information.

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